The results are in! Our 62 students who took the SHSAT &  other HS admissions tests in October 2016 have been admitted to the top high schools in the city, and we could not be more proud of them and their hard work over the course of last year. We feel honored to have helped them along their way. 

Of the 62 students we worked with, 13 were admitted to Stuyvesant, 20 to Brooklyn Tech, 1 to Bronx Science, 1 to HSAS, and 10 to Brooklyn Latin. Of the students who were just points away from the cutoff scores, they were admitted to Laguardia, Beacon, Bard, Murrow, Brooklyn Millennium, the iSchool, Townsend Harris, Poly Prep, Dalton, and Xavier.

Here is what parents are saying about our work... 

Smith Street Workshop gave our daughter an incredibly sound foundation and confidence in preparing for the SHSAT. Their hands-on, supportive approach in their weekly classes coupled with constant feedback, gave us a firm understanding of where our daughter stood and where she needed the extra work in order to be fully prepared for the test. The results were great – she got into her first specialized school choice – HSAS Lehman. We highly recommend Smith Street Workshop.
— Ashley Velie
Olivia and the tutors of the Smith Street Workshop worked with my eighth grade twins on both the SHSAT and the ISEE. The practice and comprehensive overview the twins received from the Smith Street Workshop was exemplary. The tutor tailored the sessions to meet the needs of the kids and worked on aspects of both tests which each found challenging. As a result the kids felt prepared and ready to go on test day! The results speak for themselves; both kids were offered places at their top choice schools. Thank you Olivia & the Smith Street Workshop!
— Janine Latham
After trying an SHSAT test prep company that was a poor fit for our child, Smith Street Workshop was a breath of fresh air. The company we didn’t like simply crammed kids into rows and reviewed the test question by question for three hours straight without a break. Smith Street Workshop gave my daughter a diagnostic, then wrote up a personalized study plan for her and sent home information to us about her strengths and weaknesses. They then structured the prep classes to include cooperative learning, individualized tutoring and instruction, and breaks with snacks in a lovely room with warm lighting. They also offer an end-of-summer intensive, Saturday and evening classes, and practice tests given in testing conditions. They really helped my daughter get into the specialized high school of her choice and I am grateful for that. I can’t thank them or recommend them enough. You will be satisfied.
— Dinah Gieske
Smith Street Workshop’s instructors are not there to pour on the pressure; instead, the teachers help kids prepare in a supportive, sane atmosphere.
— Marisa Schwartz
We’ve recommended Smith St Workshop to everyone we know with 7th graders. We felt the class the boys took, as well as the practice tests, provided exactly the preparation they needed to take the SHSAT without any stress.
— JW
My sons and I always talk about their school day and talking about Smith Street has joined our discussion. I am so happy that we found your classes. He truly enjoys them. Yesterday he says to me “Mom, you know whenever I leave that prep class I feel 20 times smarter! And it’s really helping at school too!” Geometry is the one area that challenges him, but he had to admit that once you are finished explaining and breaking it down it becomes as easy as “what’s 1 plus 1” (his exact words). So, this is a heartfelt thank you for making this so enjoyable for him.
— CB
Dearest Olivia – Just a belated but very sincere note of appreciation for all the support and good counsel that you provided throughout the high school application prep process. She got into her top high school choice: BEACON!!! And we could not have done it without you. Thank you so much indeed & please know that I shall forever be a big SSW fan/ambassador!!
— LC