What people are saying about us....

Both as a classroom teacher and now as a tutor, Olivia Ramsey is a uniquely gifted instructor and teacher. My kids, Henry 13 and Ruby 11, have been the beneficiary of her total subject mastery, effortless instructional style, and cheerful approach to learning. Her gifts from the classroom have seamlessly translated into the Smith Street Workshop that continues to support and advance my kids' academics and love of learning. And not surprisingly, the Smith Street Workshop has attracted the most committed, inspiring educators in our community to join Olivia and her team.
- Eric Weingartner 
We have been beyond thrilled with the work that Olivia and Smith Street Workshop have been doing. We've found that our daughter has so much more confidence  in her French reading, writing, and speaking - and the surprise bonus is that she gets so much done in that hour that she has more time each week to play. Also, she completely looks forward to going and thinks of it as another fun after school activity! We've already signed our son up for singing with Mr. C and will 100% sign him up for tutoring when he is a little older. Olivia is one of the most thoughtful, caring, gifted, and intelligent educators we could ever hope to have in our lives.  - Rony Vardi
Smith Street Workshop is the answer. Quite simply. Despite my best intentions - as the mother of a 7th grader and a 4th grader - I was starting to panic. I needed tutors. For the state test, for the SHSATs or for extra French, extra everything, I found everything I needed at SSW: excellent tutors, friendly faces, flexibility, prompt responses to all my questions. I honestly couldn't have hoped for more. I would recommend it to everyone.  - Barbara Holdengraber 
Olivia Ramsey is a gifted educator. Within a brief period of working with my son, she was able to identify his emerging capacities as well as his areas of challenge in reading, writing, and spoken French and English. She has been able to help my son study both languages with greater depth and awareness. As a parent, Olivia's input, flexible teaching methods, and highly individualized approach is invaluable. An added benefit, which is no less important, is that my son looks forward to his sessions with Olivia. She knows how to make the lessons manageable and engaging. I have no doubt that Olivia's passion for teaching will guide the expansion of her program with other exceptional instructors. This will be a wonderful resource in Carroll Gardens where language acquisition and the mingling of cultures is flourishing. - Susan Arthur
There’s really no other like Olivia. She’s the best teacher I’ve ever had. She was able to say things, slow it down in a way that I could understand. I love the way she teaches.” - Cyrus, age 8