Winter 2020 Prep Classes for 7th Graders

At Smith Street Workshop, our curriculum development team has a deep understanding of the standardized tests and their intricacies. We stay abreast of changes to test design, and modify and adapt our course curriculum to reflect the most up-to-date revisions of each exam.



7th grade Common Core Test Prep
(ELA & Math)

Jan 28, 2020 - Apr 7, 2020
Tuesdays from 5:30pm - 7:00pm

This is a 10-week course designed to give students an extra boost in order to strengthen their skill sets and build confidence for the 2020 7th grade Common Core State Tests. The course will address both the ELA and mathematics content in depth, and provide valuable instruction in test-taking strategies, organization and time management skills. The instructor is a gifted, seasoned teacher who will be able to differentiate the instruction to provide an individualized attention for each student.


SHSAT Skill-Builder Winter Session

Week of Jan 26, 2020 - week of Apr 7, 2020
Mondays OR Thursdays from 5:30pm - 7:30pm

This SHSAT skill builder class is an introduction to the particularities of the Specialized High School entrance exam for 7th graders. We review both the Verbal and Math content while also looking at test-taking strategies that are specific to the format of this test. The course provides a great initiation into what has become a rite of passage for many NYC teenagers, and builds a skill set that is vital not only for this exam, but also for success in any of the city's top high schools.