Octobre 2019 - C'est l'automne!

It is true, what they say about time flying when you’re having fun… October is already over! It feels sometimes like the first day of school was yesterday, and a moment later it feels like we all have known each other forever. What a strange, but sweet feeling :)

As usual, we have been very (VERY) busy in Toute Petite Section. Now that all the routines are internalized, we can spend more time singing, telling stories, sharing thoughts and asking questions.

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of the themes and activities we have been working on during this month of October :

  • the season of fall (l’automne) : we did a few different art projects with leaves, talked about the fact that some of them were falling from their trees at the moment, and created some (that are falling too!) for our classroom tree.

    We also used this theme to introduce art projects using warm colors : rouge, orange et jaune!

    We used leaves, acorns and small branches to create prints on clay. It was fun to use a rolling pin as well.

    You can’t talk about fall without talking about rain! We made rain fall on a folded paper using droppers, and we also did an experiment to recreate rain in a jar. For this experiment, we poured water in a jar, topped with shaving cream (our cloud!). Tleafhen we dropped colored water on our cloud with pipettes. It was really fun to watch the ‘‘rain’’ fall.

  • we did a few other scientific experiments this month : we poured vinegar on baking soda, and we observed how water does not mix with oil (we used pipettes to drop colored water in oil, and observed the water form tiny colorful beads).

  • we talked about our families and our home, using these themes to do some early math activities. We also worked on shapes with magnets and pattern blocks.

  • we kept working on colors and did a few sorting activities. For one activity, we had to sort pompoms by color and put it in the appropriate colored ‘‘pipe’’.

  • we introduced early literacy activities, working on different lines : wavy lines, zig-zag, straight lines.

  • and of course, we worked a lot on our fine motor skills!

We hope you’ll enjoy the photos :)

Some vocabulary (it could be useful!) :
the rain : la pluie
it’s raining! : il pleut!
a leaf : une feuille
red : rouge
orange : orange (!)
yellow : jaune
a walk in the woods : une balade en forêt
a house : une maison
a roof : un toit
a door : une porte
a window : une fenêtre
at the top : en haut
at the bottom : en bas