How many children are in each class?

There are 15 in Petite Section (2-4 year olds) and 15 in Moyenne Section (4-6 year olds).

How many teachers are in each classroom? 

All classes have 2 teachers at all times. Lead Teachers are native French speakers and have advanced degrees in Education. Assistant teachers are native or fluent French speakers and have Bachelor’s Degrees. 

How many students in the summer camp are native French speakers?

Typically, about 50% of the students in each class speak French at home. 25% have had some exposure to the language, and the remaining 25% are English speakers with no French exposure yet. 

100%. The teachers may speak some English at the beginning to help non-native speakers adjust to full immersion, but other than that all language input is exclusively in French. Occasionally, if a child is in emotional distress or if there is a safety issue, the teacher will address the child in his native language. 

How much of the instruction is in French? 

Early Drop off is at 8:30 am, and regular drop off is at 9 am. Morning dismissal is at 11:45 am, Regular dismissal is at 2:30 pm, and Extended Day dismissal is at 4 pm. 

How long is the camp day? 

Yes! Outdoor play is an important part of our curriculum, year round. All full and extended day students go to DiMattina Park (the corner of Hicks and Rapelye Streets) for at least 30 minutes a day. In cases of extremely hot weather, we still go out for a short period. 

Do the students play outside every day? 

Students bring lunch from home and eat in the classrooms with their teachers. The school provides mid-morning snacks for all students and an afternoon snack for extended day students. The snack consists of organic fruits (bananas, strawberries, grapes, apples, oranges, etc.).

Are lunch and snack provided? 

Any student staying for full or extended day must be potty trained. 

What is your policy around potty training?

8:30 am Early drop off and welcoming activities / Free play
9:00 am Regular drop off
9:00 am  Morning gathering and welcoming activity
9:30 am Themed art project
10:30 am Snack
10:45 am Choice time activities / Free play
11:45 am Dismissal for morning program Petite Section
11:45 am Lunch
12:15 pm Quiet time and free play
12:45 pm Park (weather permitted)
1:15 pm Stories and songs
1:45 pm Themed art and science projects
2:30 pm Full day dismissal
2:30 pm Free play and snack
3:00 pm Choice time activities
4:00 pm Extended day dismissal

What does a typical day look like? 

All of the below forms will be emailed to you upon registration for the camp:

      • An medical form showing all immunizations up to date

      • Participation and release form

      • Authorized Pick up list

      • Napping preferences

      • Sunscreen authorization

      • Photo Release Form

      • General Enrollment form

Which forms are required? 

If you are signed up for a week, but for some reason your child cannot attend, we can transfer them to another camp week as long as there is availability.

If I have signed up for a week but my child cannot make it, can I transfer to another week?

We offer a 10% sibling discount if siblings are attending camp during the same week. Additionally, we offer a 10% multiple booking discount. The 10% discount does not apply to the first week but to all subsequent weeks. Please note that both discounts cannot be combined.

Do you offer discounts?

At the moment, we do not have funding for Financial Aid. This is something we hope to put in place in the coming years. However, we offer payment plans to help ease the financial stress. 

Is Financial Assistance available? 

1) If you notify us a month before the camp begins, you can apply for a 100% credit on your account for a future enrollment, or a 75% refund.

2) If you notify us up to two weeks before the class/camp begins, you may receive a 100% credit on your account for a future registration, or 50% refund.

3) One week before the class begins, we cannot make adjustments or offer credits.

What is your cancellation policy? 

Other questions? Contact us at [email protected]