Meet René le poulet!

René’s favorite part of the afternoon is… snack time!

René’s favorite part of the afternoon is… snack time!

René just arrived in our classroom, and he can’t wait to meet everybody! He will be spending some time in our Toute Petite Section classroom, listening to stories and participating in the daily activities. He will also spend the whole school year traveling between home and school.

A few fun facts about René : 

  • he loves traveling and meeting new friends! For that reason, he will spend every weekend at a student’s house until the end of the school year.

  • he is very easy-going. You don’t have to take him on an extraordinary adventure to entertain him. He actually loves simple things like baking cookies (he LOVES cookies!), going for a ride on his scooter, or hanging out with friends at the park.

  • he speaks several languages, and if you talk to him mixing 3 different languages, he will still understand you. Pretty cool, right?

Every week, René will go home with a child and spend some time with your family. You will find the calendar below.

Make sure to take a few pictures to record in his travel journal what you did during your week together! Your child will then share in the classroom her/his weekend adventures with René through the pictures, drawings and stories from the notebook.

The ‘’doudou’’ of a class is an important object as it allows children to create a strong bond between the home and school environments. Children love sharing details of their daily life with their friends.

We hope you will have a great time together!

Les voyages de René

Friday, October 25th - Wednesday, October 30th : Chez Huck
Friday, November 1st - Wednesday, November 6th : Chez Eleanor
Friday, November 8th - Wednesday, November 13th : Chez Cian
Friday, November 15th - Tuesday, November 19th : Chez Henry
Thursday, November 21 - Monday, November 25th : Chez Makenna
Tuesday, November 26th - Monday, December 2nd : chez Atlas
Tuesday, December 3rd - Monday, December 9th : Chez Gabriel
Tuesday, December 10th - Monday, December 16th : Chez Ronan
Friday, December 20th - Monday, January 6th : Chez Stella
Tuesday, January 7th - Monday, January 13th : Chez Olivia
Friday, January 17th - Wednesday, January 22nd : Chez Oliver
Friday, January 24th - Wednesday, January 29th : Chez Vincent
Friday, January 31st - Tuesday, February 4th : Chez Charlotte
Friday, February 7th - Wednesday, February 12th : Chez Cian
Friday, February 14th - Tuesday, February 25th : Chez Eleanor
Friday, February 28th - Tuesday, March 3rd : Chez Huck
Friday, March 6th - Wednesday, March 11th : Chez Henry
Thursday, March 12th - Monday, March 16th : Chez Makenna
Tuesday, March 17th - Monday, March 23rd : Chez Atlas
Tuesday, March 24th - Monday, March 30th : Chez Gabriel
Tuesday, March 31st - Monday, April 6th : Chez Ronan
Tuesday, April 7th - Monday, April 13th : Chez Juliette
Tuesday, April 14th - Monday, April 20th : Chez Georges
Tuesday, April 21st - Monday, April 27th : Chez Raina
Friday, May 1st - Tuesday, May 5th : Chez Stella
Friday, May 8th - Wednesday, May 13th : Chez Oliver
Friday, May 15th - Tuesday, May 19th : Chez Vincent
Friday, May 22nd - Tuesday, May 26th : Chez Charlotte
Friday, May 29th - Wednesday, June 3rd : Chez Indigo

Friday, Mai 5th - Wednesday, June 10th : Chez Olivia