Septembre - La rentrée!


This is our very first blog post! We’re very excited to get this started. We will update the blog monthly, post pictures and tell you a little bit about what we’ve been up to.

September and our rentrée went beautifully! The children are settling in well and are continuing to build friendships. We were amazed at how incredibly smooth the whole process was. We’re thrilled to have your little ones with us for this year in Petite Section!

This month we focused on getting acquainted with each other. We did that by:

  • doing collaborative art projects

  • eating snack at a long table together

  • singing songs

  • sharing stories during circle time

For the art activities, Marina and I decided to introduce the materials and tools one by one so as to really explore in depth what and how we can use each one. Each week we introduced a new thing. We started with:

  1. oil pastels

  2. colored pencils

  3. glue and different formats of paper

  4. black and white paint.

In the following weeks we will add blue, yellow and red paint, and explore what happens when we mix them, and the different ways we can mix them.

The idea is to teach the children the different ways to use each material and tool, so that they can become more independent in choosing what method would be best to render what they have in mind. It’s been going great so far and we’re excited to see what they come up with!

We have also been talking about nature and the environment. Every Friday our art project focuses on nature. We’ve painted trees, flowers and are exploring the seasons. One morning, we went on a walk to find leaves, which we then glued on paper. I’m hoping we can do that regularly to build a little book of our findings. The goal is to explore our community through nature and become more aware of our surroundings.

We’re very excited about this year and all the learning opportunities it will bring!

Thank you for everything et à bientôt!

Laure et Megan