Bienvenue Harriet!

Hello everyone!

We’re very happy to introduce Harriet the hermit crab! Harriet arrived in our classroom last Monday and we’ve been having a lot of fun with her. However, she’s getting increasingly curious about all of you and hopes that you’ll welcome her into your homes :)

Having a travelling class "doudou" is a great way to further build the link between home and school. We hope you'll have a lot of fun with Harriet! She's pretty easy going and easy to please so don't feel pressured to do something extra special the week she's with you. Harriet will enjoy a run to the grocery store as well as a cozy Sunday morning reading a book under a blanket (her words not mine). Harriet has a travel journal to record her adventures with you. We will then share what you did together with the rest of the class, so please don't forget to take pictures!

Here are a few words from Harriet!


My name is Harriet and I am a very friendly hermit crab. I come from the beaches of Vanuatu  and I decided to take an adventure to the North East after I crossed currents with a dolphin who told me the best bagels are in New York City. After walking up from the Brooklyn Bridge (that’s a BIG bridge people), I started walking South and ended up on Henry Street. As I was walking down the street, I heard someone speak French, so I followed them to the Smith Street Maternelle! You see, where I’m from we speak French, Bichlamar, English as well as many other dialects. When I heard that person speaking French after this (VERY) long journey, I felt like I was back at home a little.

I knocked on the window and they let me in! I met your children this week and I loved them right away! They're an energetic and sweet bunch and we had a lot of fun! I danced with them, napped with them, helped them with their lunch boxes, I tried their morning snack, I helped the teachers make sure they were good listeners at circle time and gave them hugs when they needed them. Don’t worry though, I was very careful and did not pinch them!

I am hoping you can welcome me into your homes as I think it might be very difficult for me to find an apartment, shell, pincers and all... Don't worry it will only be for a week at a time, except if you have me during a vacation. I hope you won't mind taking me with you, I guarantee I'm small enough to fit in a carry on!

But first, here are a few things about me.

Things I like:

  • Smiling!

  • Reading books (though it’s easier if someone holds the book, I tend to shred them)

  • Finding a new and roomier shell

  • Discovering and eating new things

  • Meeting new creatures (earth, sky, or sea creatures, anyone really!)

Things I don't like:

  • When people pull on my shell

  • Being nearly stepped on (you have no idea how often that happens)

  • Strong waves (I get lots of sand in my shell and it gets a bit itchy)

  • Loud noises

I am really excited about this new adventure with all of you!