French Resources

Below, you will find suggestions and resources for ways to bring more French into your family’s life in order to support your child’s growing bilingualism.

This page is a work in progress, and we welcome your suggestions! Email us at [email protected]

There are many ways that you as a parent can encourage your child to learn French. Read to your child in French, ask your child to teach you any songs he/she learned. Turn on the French language audio track the next time your child watches his or her favorite DVD, or Netflix, YouTube… Hearing or speaking French outside the classroom will reinforce French and will help him or her understand that French is important to you too. First and foremost, if French is your mother tongue, always speak French to your child. 

Here are some other ways to bring French at home.

 Books and magazines subscriptions

  1. L’école des loisirs: Subscribe to receive 8 fiction books a year (from November to June), at Smith Street Maternelle or at home. Prices are around $65 for 8 high quality books. 

  2. Bayard Milan : magazine subscription  - Toupie, Pomme d’Api, Astrapi, J’aime lire, Histoires pour les petits…

    - Contact for the East Coast: Catherine Lamy [email protected] 

TV programs, websites, and Apps 

  1. TV5 Monde: TV5 monde is the leading Francophone television channel. It is available in the U.S. via Time Warner Cable or Verizon Fios. Information about programs and how to get TV5 monde can be found online at

    On its website there are kids’ activities (games, videos, quizz, french vocabulary…) :

  2. French songs for kids, stories in video… (for young kids).

  3. stories, tales, classical songs in French; you can listen to and read the story.

  4. Go to this website to hear someone read a handful of children’s classics in French. The enunciation is sloooow, but the vocabulary is still advanced.

  5. DUOLINGO : for older kids - user-friendly app that feels like a game

  6. for primary school - an app you can download on your phone or tablet, for advanced French learners. Different subjects in French (Art, music, Science, math, French…). Films, quizzes and more 

***The American Association of Pediatrics recommends no screen time for children under 2 years of age, and only 30 minutes/day max for 2-5 year olds. The apps are good for long car rides or infrequent use. :)***

Bookstores in New York City

  1. Albertine – French bookstore  
    972 Fifth Avenue (at 79th Street)
    New York, NY 10075
    French story hour for the kids during the weekend

  2. La Librairie des Enfants
    163 East 92nd street (Upper East Side)


Online Bookstores

  1. Amazon Canada



  4.  Indigo: Canadian library – selection of books for French immersion (



A lot of Public Libraries in New York have French books. 

MOVIES and SERIES for 2 to 4 year olds

  1. You can find French movies on KANOPY, through your Brooklyn library membership (

  2. Netflix(choose ‘French’ and ‘For little Kids only’ in your profile) Series: Simon lapin (Netflix), Yakari (Neflix), T’choupi, Babar, L’âne Trotro, Petit ours brun, Didou, Barbapapa, Samsam, Shaun le Mouton, Grabouillon, Zou

  3. Movies on Kanopy: Minuscules,Ernest et Célestine, some movies from Michel Ocelot