Meet Coco l’escargot! 


Coco just arrived in our classroom, and she can’t wait to meet everybody! She will be spending the whole school year in our Toute Petite Section, travelling between school and home.

Coco likes :
- talking about her big and small adventures
- eating salad
- rainy days
- using Marie Kondo’s method to tidy up her shell

Coco dislikes :
- being rushed (life is NOT a race)
- being left behind
- being mistaken for a French delicacy
- clutter in her shell

Every week, Coco will go home with a child and spend some time with your family. You will find the calendar below.

Make sure to take a few pictures to record in her travel journal what you did during your week together! Your child will then share in the classroom her/his weekend adventures with Coco through the pictures, drawings and stories from the notebook.

The ‘’doudou’’ of a class is an important object as it allows children to create a strong bond between the home and school environments. Children love sharing details of their daily life with their friends. No need to organize something special, Coco will love to go to the grocery store, visit your child’s bedroom, have a nice Sunday morning breakfast or bake cookies with your family!

We hope you will have a great time together!

You may pronounce ‘‘escargot’’ this way.

But it’s better to pronounce it this way.

Les voyages de Coco

Friday, October 11th - Tuesday, October 15th : Chez Eloise
Friday, October 18th - Tuesday, October 22nd : Chez Celeste
Friday, October 25th - Tuesday, October 29th : Chez Ella
Friday, November 1st - Wednesday, November 6th : Chez Farrah
Friday, November 8th - Tuesday, November 12th : Chez Finn
Friday, November 15th - Tuesday, November 19th : Chez Fiona
Thursday, November 21 - Monday, November 25th : Chez Henry
Tuesday, November 26th - Monday, December 2nd : chez Margaux
Tuesday, December 3rd - Monday, December 9th : Chez Bruno
Tuesday, December 10th - Monday, December 16th : Chez Sahana
Friday, December 20th - Monday, January 6th : Chez Zephyr
Tuesday, January 7th - Monday, January 13th : Chez Tosca
Tuesday, January 14th - Tuesday, January 21st : Chez Willa
Friday, January 24th - Wednesday, January 29th : Chez Raina
Friday, January 31st - Wednesday, February 15h : Chez Sadie
Friday, February 7th - Wednesday, February 12th : Chez Thelma
Friday, February 14th - Wednesday, February 26th : Chez Frankie
Friday, February 28th - Tuesday, March 3rd : Chez Eloise
Friday, March 6th - Wednesday, March 11th : Chez Celeste
Friday, March 13th - Tuesday, March 17th : Chez Ella
Friday, March 20th - Tuesday, March 24th : Chez Farrah
Friday, March 27th - Tuesday, March 31st : Chez Finn
Thursday, April 2nd - Monday, April 6th : Chez Fiona
Wednesday, April 8th - Monday, April 20th : Chez Henry
Thursday, April 23rd - Monday, April 27th : Chez Margaux
Tuesday, April 28th - Monday, May 4th : Chez Bruno
Tuesday, May 5th - Monday, May 11th : Chez Sahana
Tuesday, May 12th - Monday, May 18th : Chez Tosca
Tuesday, May 19th - Tuesday, May 26th : Chez Willa
Friday, May 29th - Wednesday, June 3rd : Chez Sadie
Friday, June 5th - Wednesday, June 10th : Chez Thelma
Friday, June 12th - Wednesday, June 17th : Chez Zephyr