A day at the park!

We finally did it and had an amazing time. I hope we got pictures of all the kids. We did not want to spend our time on our phones…

The ride on the metro was very popular! The kids were safe and amazed by the outside ride.

We arrived at the park and had a little snack before we went in two groups to pick up sticks, leaves and pinecones. We counted 126 pinecones!

We then had choice time with 4 different activities : painting sticks with chalk, throwing pinecones in boxes, drawing our surroundings and making little elf huts.

After choice time, we read the Gruffalo, sang songs and had lunch.

We ended our day with free play and le petit atelier where the kids and Marina made a beautiful art installation with the sticks, pinecones and leaves which we left there.

It was overall a glorious days and the kids had a wonderful time! Thank you so much Staci and Josh for coming with us.

Our next field trip will be in spring!