Dear parents,

This blog is a little window to your children’s lives at school. I will try my best to be more regular with posting. Meanwhile, enjoy these few shots of September which we spent :

  • Getting to know everyone as personally as possible, making sure they feel happy and like they belong in their new classroom, reading books, listening to home stories, making sure we get one-on-one time with everyone;

  • Building class cohesion with group games, sharing stories, taking Jean home and presenting his adventures to the class, initiating playdates (if you would like suggestions, do not hesitate to ask me) and connecting children during recess;

  • Learning class routines and jobs : the kids are enthusiastic and committed. They are good cleaners and love to help teachers or other children. It’s a lovely sight.

  • Building skills : focusing on pre writing with tracing, painting, drawing, fine motor skills activities and writing our name. The children have also been doing math puzzles, sorting activities, building with blocs... Twice a week, they explore new material with Marina during le p'tit workshop and once a week, they have music with Nathan and chess with Sara. So much skill building can already be witness since la rentrée!

We are looking forward to telling you more about all of this in detail next Thursday on Curriculum Night. We hope that we get the chance to see everyone there, presenting you our year and various projects and answering any questions you may have.

Thank you for all of your kindness, support and commitment since the beginning of the year. Clara and I feel honored by your trust and are eager to know you better as the year unfolds.

Our very best,

Elizabeth & Clara