October was wonderful. I think what we most observed this month was the sweet friendships forming around the classroom. We have a cheerful group and a very loving one. Our days are full of kids hugging us or each other, making jokes and overall participating in an atmosphere of happiness and kindness. It's a privilege to get to be here every day.

A few notes on two specific areas :

Art - we continue our flower project and as well as painting them, we are painting with them or working with glue and petals. We introduced working on bigger formats, as for example the masks that the children got to bring home this week. We also introduced using very fine paint brushes and adding details to our picture. The children are getting more and more autonomous and neat when using the material.

Building - we are observing elaborate constructions but also we are noticing a lot of team building, efforts to compromise and kids inviting and including others in their project.

This week, since we postponed our day at the park AGAIN, we decided to go outside anyway and do some street cleaning. We had a lovely time. The kids sounded like a group of old grouchy grandpa's and grandma's (and wearing gilets jaunes) spending the whole time saying : "oh la la! Mais c'est pas possible ça!". I wish we had recorded them, it was hilarious. Our job is done, they are truly French now.

We are hoping to finally get our day at the park this coming Monday, we need one more volunteer parent to accompany us wink wink :D :D.

That’s all for October. See you again in November for a new window on your kids’ lives at school…